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2015 Summer Conference

June 24-27 at The Westgate Hotel, San Diego

Thursday, June 25

Coaching Writers

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Keeping writers -- and editors -- focused on delivering a compelling story and not just a collection of facts and how we can better coach our staffs given our current digital storytelling challenges and opportunities

Leader: Lisa Wilson, The Buffalo News

Panelists: Mike Harris,; Dana Sulonen, Opelika-Auburn News; Tim Graham, The Buffalo News

Dealing with Harsh Reality

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Journalism careers can change rapidly, both expectedly and unexpectedly. We’ll explore how journalists can adapt to the changing landscape of our business, dealing with layoffs and firings and how that intersects for managers and employees. Journalists who lose their job or move on voluntarily have to keep making a living. The worst part of being a manager is having to eliminate positions .

Leader: Joe Sullivan, Boston Globe

Panelists: Bill Eichenberger, Bleacher Report; Jay Mariotti, The San Francisco Examiner; Bill Speros, “Obnoxious Boston Fan” column for

Get Smart

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The Washington Post’s Martin Baron recently gave a speech on the ‘Big Move,’ the imperative of moving from a print to digital focus. Three journalist on the front line of the mobile transformation share strategies for how to transform that rectangular object in your pocket from a phone to printing press and satellite truck.

Leader: Mike Sherman, The Oklahoman

Panelists: Michael Anastasi, Los Angeles News Group; Val Hoeppner, Val Hoeppner Media and Consulting, LLC; Angel Rodriguez, The Los Angeles Times; Rob Shaw, Global Head of Sports Media at Facebook

The Lab: Snapchat/ Periscope 101

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There’s no shortage of ways to reach new audiences — the challenge is figuring out which are worth investing time in and what to do with them. Periscope and Snapchat are places to get creative and experiment with the stories we’re already telling in other ways on other platforms. Learn how to make Snapchat and Periscope work for you and your audience.

Instructor: Tanya Sichynsky, USA TODAY Sports Social Media Editor

Friday, June 26

The Lab: SEO Secrets

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The lead is not the most important part of your story -- the URL is. Learn how to make Google search work for you and bring new readers to your site.

Instructor: John Turner, Editorial Director Sporting News

Covering the Competition

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Now that the players, teams and leagues we cover have their own publication platforms, what’s a news organization to do? A discussion of some new and old ways to counter when you’re competition with those you cover.

Leader: Larry Graham, U-T San Diego 

Panelists: Sam Farmer, Los Angeles Times; Gary Hoenig, The Players Tribune; Lee Jenkins, Sports Illustrated; Kathy Laughlin, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

In Any Event

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How enterprise can make your coverage of the big game net big results. Hold and grow audience with out-of the-box ideas.

Leader: Gerry Ahern, USA TODAY Sports Media

Panelists: Tommy Deas, The Tuscaloosa News; David Meeks, USA TODAY Sports; Andi Petrini, (Newport News, Va.) Daily Press

Red Smith Award Luncheon

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Recipient: Bob Ryan, The Boston Globe (retired)

Presenter: Bill Walton, Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer

Writing Columns in the Digital Age

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The limits of column writing in the digital age, in terms of taste and ethics, and from a career standpoint. How to differentiate your opinion from the cacophony of voices out there.

Leader: Don Shelton, The Seattle Times

Panelists: Gregg Doyel, Indianapolis Star; Bill Plaschke, The Los Angeles Times; Bob Ryan, The Boston Globe (retired)

Creative Web Content

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From quick and easy to complex but cool web content ideas.

Moderator: Matt Pepin, The Boston Globe

Panelists: Rachel Crader, Southeast Missourian; Tim Stephens, SportsManias